• Dispute over graduation robe color at Sharon High School


    SHARON, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – There's always been two colors of graduation robes for male and female high school seniors in Sharon, but this year the robes will be the same color because one group is calling for change.

    Student officers say they decided to make all of the gowns one color to make everyone feel included at graduation, but it's become a pretty big controversy at the high school and patience for some students is wearing thin.

    "It was a battle between, do we want to change the robe to one color or two separate colors?" a student said.

    The school superintendent and students told FOX 25 gown color became an issue when class officers and representatives from the school's Gay-Straight alliance brought it up.

    "You are the sex from which you were born. But in your head you are the gender that you think you are. So people are saying why do girls have to wear white when the feel they aren't a girl, you know?" another student said.

    The superintendent says student leaders then decided one color for both boys and girls was most appropriate. Seniors voted on which color they wanted this week, with maroon coming out on top.

    The ballot students used to vote reads in part: "This change to tradition is about inclusiveness. It represents an effort to make every member of our class feel comfortable at the ceremony."

    But the decision has some students seeing red.

    "I didn't come to school for more than a decade to decide what color to wear," one student said.

    And still others say, they want everyone to enjoy graduation and feel this has all just been blown way out of proportion. 

    The superintendent told FOX 25 that the students did get some guidance from the Department of Education, who advised them to be inclusive and that a single color was best.

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