• Despite student pleas, Lunenburg school board won't reinstate Thanksgiving game


    LUNENBURG, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – There won't be any Thanksgiving football for Lunenburg High School.

    The high school decided to cancel its remaining games after racist graffiti was found written on the home of eighth grader Isaac Phillips. The Phillips family believes a member of the team as responsible, but so far no one has come forward.

    On Wednesday, the school board met with more than 100 current and former students, the football team and parents on both sides of the issue. Isaac's father, Anthony, said allowing the team to play would only send the message that the school feels the racist behavior is acceptable.

    "I just can't get over the mentality that you would think that a game should be played after something like this occurred," said one member of the community.

    Other parents say it's not fair to punish the entire student body that looks forward to this rite of passage because of a few knuckleheads. They wanted the school committee to consider how hard the team, cheerleaders and band worked all season. Also affected are the players at St. Bernard's Central Catholic High School, who won't have the opportunity to play because of Lunenburg's forfeit.

    Lunenburg's athletic director also spoke and said there are safety concerns to take into consideration in light of the heightened emotions over the whole debate.

    Meanwhile, Anthony Phillips said the whole ordeal is taking a toll on his family.

    "I've been losing sleep all over this situation. This is affecting my family more than you know," said Phillips.

    After almost two hours of speeches, the school committee ultimately made the call not to vote on the issue, so the game is still off.

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