• DeLeo's lawyer: House Speaker won't face charges in probation probe


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- FOX 25 has learned House Speaker Robert DeLeo's lawyer has been told by the U.S. Attorney's office that DeLeo will not face charges in the probation investigation.

    DeLeo told FOX 25 on Wednesday that he is "in the clear" when it comes to the federal probe surrounding former Probation Commissioner John O'Brien. He says he know he did nothing wrong and doesn't know who is the target of the probe.

    "I honestly don't know who, if anyone, actually at this point," said DeLeo. "I really don't know.

    This comes after campaign finance records show this year DeLeo paid out $300,000 to his lawyer, Robert Popeo of Mintz, Levin.

    A spokesperson for the firm confirms the payment is related to the probation investigation for services performed this year and in 2012.

    When asked about why he spent so much money, DeLeo told FOX 25, "It's a process that was going on for three or four years now, so that was going on for a period of time. Obviously, Mr. Popeo is a great attorney, I think the firm has a great reputation as well."

    O'Brien stands accused of bribing Speaker DeLeo and Senate President Therese Murray by giving jobs to supporters in return for more money in his budget. The U.S. attorney has called it a "sham" hiring system, rigged to favor the politically connected. Both DeLeo and Murray have denied any wrongdoing.

    The last three house speakers on Beacon Hill had left the office in disgrace, all later becoming convicted felons. In that light, FOX 25 asked DeLeo what it was like to learn he is in the clear. DeLeo pointed to an independent counsel's report that also found no evidence DeLeo did anything criminal.

    "Obviously, I felt very good and confident knowing that I had done nothing wrong quite frankly," said DeLeo.

    As for Senate President Therese Murray, she says she did nothing wrong and isn't concerned about any charges.

    In April, former Commissioner O'Brien was acquitted of state corruption charges. He still faces federal charges. A spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney's office has declined to comment.

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