• Davis discusses bombing, days after on FOX 25 Morning News


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – Boston Police commissioner Ed Davis discussed the moments and days after the Boston Marathon bombings that left four dead and at least 264 injured on the FOX 25 Morning News Monday.

    Just after the bombings Davis said teams of investigators were going over video surveillance from the scene.

    "Within 15 minutes of the bombings we had people pulling tapes," Davis said.

    In the aftermath, Davis described a scene akin to a war zone. He described the bombs as "sophisticated and powerful," and said he saw two bodies and body parts strewn about outside of the Forum restaurant.

    "I knew at that point it was a terrorist attack and it's something I'll never forget," said Davis.

    In the days following the bombings, Davis said he got three to four hours of sleep a night until Thursday when the suspects were involved in a shootout with police that left MIT Police Officer Sean Collier dead.

    "His life was sacrificed, but it gave us the opportunity to take these guys out," said Davis.

    Davis said that within 10 minutes of the Watertown shootout, more than 200 officers had responded to the scene and had locked down a 20 block area.

    "The key thing was we had their images out there," said Davis. "As long these guys had not retreated to Chechnya or wherever they wanted to go we were going to get them."

    At a press conference Friday evening, when officials were announcing that a "shelter in place" order was being lifted, Davis said investigators were down after having two leads turn out to be fruitless.

    "The frustration was palpable at that command post. When leads proved to be fruitless it was a real downer."

    Then, a break came.

    "At that point I had been up for 40 hours. While I was en route back to my house I heard the call about the boat."

    "A citizen found him. A community member gave us the break we were looking for," said Davis.

    It turned out that suspect number 2, Dzhokhar Tsarneav, was in the boat. Davis said the suspect was manipulating the boat's covering.

    "He was clearly pushing something up through the tarp but as to what, exactly, happened there we'll have to look at ballistics evidence."

    Then, gunfire, followed by flashbangs, and within a matter of minutes Tsarneav was in custody.

    "A transit officer cuffed him."

    Davis said transit police were given the honor because one of their own, Richard Donohue, had been critically wounded during the Watertown shootout.

    When asked what he thought about the current push to get him to run for mayor of Boston, Davis said he was focused on the investigation at hand.

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