Dad has best comeback ever when his kid asked for money


ST. LOUIS - You may not have realized it, but at one point or another in your life, you, too, have probably applied for a loan at DAD S&L. It just may be the most widely used loan company in the country. 

You know, it's the one with the funny slogan: "DAD Savings and Loan. Because, apparently I look like I'm made of money." And one of their letters is going viral.

A 6-year-old from St. Louis applied for an advance on his allowance so he could buy a toy. But his dad, who took the alter ego of DAD Savings and Loan, wasn't ready to give out loans to undeserving applicants.

The dad wrote back a letter to his son, citing high recent discretionary purchases, insufficient funds and a history of not doing chores as reasons to deny the $20.00 "loan."

Maybe the funniest part, though, was that he gave his son the option to contact the complaint department - mom.

This dad has the parenting thing down.


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