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Curt Schilling discusses 2011 heart attack in candid interview


BOSTON ( -- Curt Schilling admitted he suffered a heart attack two years ago in a recent interview.

Schilling revealed to the Boston Globe he suffered a mild heart attack in the fall of 2011 while watching his wife run the New York City Marathon. The 46-year-old said he began feeling chest pains and didn't think it was anything serious. However, when the couple returned to Boston he went straight to the hospital where doctors inserted a stent.

The former Red Sox pitcher says he believes the stress from the collapse of 38 Studios did play a role in the episode. The company filed for bankruptcy in May of 2012.

Since the company's closing, Schilling has coached The Mass. Drifters, the state champion girls' under-16 fast-pitch softball team.

Schilling told the newspaper his father died of a heart attack when he was a young man.

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