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Cuisinart recalls food processors for blade hazard


( – Cuisinart has recalled 25,000 of its 7-cup food processors.

According to the Consumer Protection Safety Commission the reversible slicing/shredding disc can come loose causing the blade to hit the food processor's cover and break, sending plastic shards flying. Cuisinart received a report of a person being struck in the cheek by a shard.

The models involved in the recall are the MFP-107, MFP-107BC, MFP-107BCWS, MFP-107bk, MFP-107BKWS, MFP-107DCWS, MFBP107MGSLT, MFP-107MR and MFP-107WS. The model numbers can be found on the bottom of the food processor's base.

Consumers call 1-877-339-2534 to receive a replacement lid.