• Crimson: Nearly half of incoming Harvard freshman admit to cheating


    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Nearly half of the incoming freshman at Harvard University have admitted to cheating, according a survey conducted by The Crimson.

    The results of the survey, which were published Thursday, show that 42 percent of the Class of 2017 admitted to cheating on a homework assignment or problem set before attending Harvard. Another 10 percent admit to cheating on an exam.

    The survey also indicates that 20 percent of recruited athletes at Harvard admit to cheating on an exam before going to the university. Another 26 percent admit to cheating on a paper or take-home assignment.

    In 2012, 125 students were forced to withdraw from Harvard for cheating on an open book, take- home final exam.

    More than 1,300 incoming freshman were surveyed.

    More info on The Crimson: http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2013/9/5/freshman-survey-academics-extracurriculars/

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