• Crimes Files: Police making progress in 'Puppy Doe' investigation


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – Let's open up the Crime Files with FOX 25's Bob Ward.

    Burlington, N.H. Murder

    Christopher Piantedosi, also known as The Remorseful Robber, was sentenced to life in prison with no parole Tuesday for a murder committed in Burlington, N.H. in 2012.

    Piantedosi got the nickname "The Remorseful Robber" for returning some items he stole from a New Hampshire woman.

    A Middlesex County jury recently convicted him of stabbing his longtime girlfriend Kristen Pulisciano to death right in front of their teenaged daughter. In fact, investigators claim she was on an iPad video chat with a friend who saw it all happen.

    Kristen Pulisciano was stabbed a total of 33 times. The friend on the video chat testified he heard Piantedosi say, "You've got to die," while Kristen pleaded for her life saying, "No, Chris. Stop. I love you."

    But he wouldn't.

    When police arrived, the knife was still stuck in Kristen's neck.

    Franklin GPS Robber

    Jamie Johnson, 37, has been arraigned arrested 100 times. He was arrested at a house break on Waldo Street in Randolph on Sept. 2. A neighbor had called cops to report the incident, and responding officers caught him in the act.

    Police said Johnson was wearing a GPS monitoring device at the time of his arrest.

    Since the story aired Monday night, people have reported that their homes had also been burglarized.

    According to police, more charges are likely.

    Puppy Doe

    A badly abused pit bull was found in Quincy with broken bones, bruises, and what appeared to be burn and stab wounds. Sadly, the injuries were so severe the puppy was put to sleep.

    Police in Quincy are making progress in the investigation and are on a mission to find whoever did this to "Puppy Doe."

    The story has touched hearts all around the world. The Animal Rescue League told FOX 25's Bob Ward they have received $35,000 in donations.

    Police are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the person who abused the puppy.

    The rest of the donations will help the Animal Rescue League in other animal abuse cases, as well as aid programs devoted to preventing animal neglect and cruelty.

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