• Mass. Most Wanted: May 18


    Lexington farm stand theft
    April 28, 2013

    Case Details:

    Police say a man removed a wallet from an elderly woman's purse after he began a conversation with her while she was shopping at Wilson's Farm Stand. Her credit cards were used at the Target store in Woburn.

    Police say this man is part of a couple that stole a woman's purse at the Panera Bread in the Liberty Tree Mall. The suspects went into Target in Danvers and bought $5,000 worth of gift cards.

    The couple is also accused of stealing a customer's wallet at the Panera Bread in North Andover. The victim's credit cards were used in Methuen, Salem, and Woburn.

    FOX 25's Bob Ward has learned of similar cases involving the couple in Woburn and Salem, N.H.

    If you have any information about the identity of these people or where they are, please contact:

    Lexington Police: (781) 862-1212 x 309
    Investigator: Detective Steve Garabedian
    Case Submission No.: 130236

    Macy's Burlington Mall Robbery
    April 21, 2013

    Case Details:

    Investigators say a suspect shoplifted merchandise from Macy's and left the store. When a Loss Prevention Officer tried stopping the suspect, he took out a box cutter, turned around, and ran into the parking lot. He then ducked down between cars and the officer lost sight of him.

    Anyone with information should contact Officer Mark Driscoll:

    E-mail address: mdriscoll@bpd.org
    Burlington Police Department: (781) 272-1212
    Case Submission No.: 130216

    Fairchild Bio Chem Building Theft
    Cambridge, Mass.
    April 25, 2013

    Case Details:

    A man and a woman are suspects in a wallet theft that occurred on April 25 at the Fairchild Bio Chem Building at Harvard University. Investigators say the woman was seen using the victim's credit cards at several stores near Downtown Crossing.

    Anyone with information should contact Detective Jacobo Negron:

    E-mail address: jacobo_negron@harvard.edu
    Harvard University Police Department: (617) 495-9085
    Case Submission No.: 20130245

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