• Mass. Most Wanted: May 10


    Medford false rape accusation

    Medford police are looking for a woman for filing a false rape accusation. On April 24, police say, this woman, who identified herself as Amanda Rodriquez, gave police a detailed report about being sexually assaulted by a Medford man. Based on that, the man was arrested, but soon police determined the woman lied. The man was released.

    And it turns out the woman did not just lie about the sex assault that never happened, she also gave police a fake name. So they are trying to find her.

    Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to contact Medford police.

    Medford Police Department: (781) 391-6767 x 257

    Investigator: Detective Patricia Sullivan

    Case Submission No.: 140253


    Natick stolen credit card

    Natick police are investigating a series of disturbing credit card fraud cases that hit Natick in just a few days. They've asked us to features their stories, maybe you can help.

    On April 19, this woman was recorded on surveillance video using a victim's stolen credit cards. The victim's wallet was stolen at a restaurant in Natick. And this woman used four of the victims credit cards at eight different stores in Natick, Framingham, Burlington, and Chestnut Hill.

    She made 14 transactions, totaling more than $12,000 in just three hours. Call Natick police if you know who she is.

    Natick Police Department: (508) 647-9500 x 3012

    Investigator: Chad M. Howard

    Case Submission No.: 140241


    Natick fraudulent credit card cosmetic purchases

    This case is truly disturbing. The victim in this case lives in the Midwest, and has never visited Natick. Yet on April 22, this suspect made fraudulent credit card purchases using the victim's identity at stores in Natick, Dedham and Newton.

    In all, $2,000 worth of cosmetics and electronics that were likely stolen in bulk, and shipped overseas where they are resold, were charged to the fraudulent card.

    Again, the victim is in the Midwest, never visited Natick and never even lost control of his credit card. Yet this woman was using a credit card with his information, to commit this fraud. This is a growing problem.

    Call Natick police if you can help.

    Natick Police Department: (508) 647-9510 x 3012

    Investigator: Chad M. Howard

    Case Submission No.: 140262


    Natick fraudulent credit card computer purchases

    On April 26, a similar incident occurred in a specialty computer store in Natick. Police say two men ordered nearly $18,00 worth of computers and computer equipment, using a fraudulent credit card.

    The order was denied mostly because the order was too large, $18,000.

    In this case, the victim never lost possession of his credit card, yet two men were using a card manufactured with the victim's information.

    Call Natick police if you can ID either man.

    Natick Police Department: (508) 647-9500 x 3012

    Investigator: Chad M. Howard

    Case Submission No.: 140240


    All of these cases come to us from the law enforcement website, massmostwanted.org.

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