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Mass. Most Wanted: March 29


Cambridge counterfeit checks

Cambridge police are trying to identify a man and woman who are both wanted for passing counterfeit checks at Cambridge Banks. The images of this man and woman are crystal clear and they were taken on Oct. 18.

Call Cambridge police if you know who they are.

Cambridge Police Department: (617) 349-9307

Investigator: Detective Brian O'Connor

Case Submission No.: 140178



Newton stolen credit cards

Newton police are trying to identify this man and woman who are wanted for using stolen credit cards at the BJ's store in Dedham. The victim's credit cards were stolen from Newton. This case happened on Jan. 18.

Police say the man and woman are both Hispanic, and both have a medium build. He was wearing a winter coat and white hoodie, while she was wearing a hooded jacket and jeans.

Call Newton police if you recognize them.

Newton: (617) 796-2104

Investigator: Det. Glenn Harris

Case Submission No.: 140179



Waltham robbery

In Waltham, police are looking for a man who is wanted for a violent armed robbery and stabbing that took place on March 22. His name Luis Orlando Santiago. Police say this is a drug buy gone horribly wrong.

The victim tried to buy marijuana from Santiago, was led into a bedroom, and told to turn around and look at something. Police say, Santiago held a knife to the victim's throat and ordered the victim to empty his pockets. The victim did, and when Santiago bent over to pick up the cash, the suspect made a break for it. But police say Santiago caught up with the victim and stabbed him eight times in the back, before the victim finally got away.

Call Waltham police if you know where Santiago is.

Waltham Police Department: (781) 314-3550 x 3557

Investigator: Det Bill MacEwen

Case Submission No.: 140186



Plymouth Stop and Shop robbery

Plymouth police are trying to identify two women. Police say on March 7, they walked out of a Stop and Shop with more than $180 worth of groceries, without paying.

The groceries were recovered, but police want to identify the two women. They both have a light complexion and medium build.

Call Plymouth police if you recognize them.

Plymouth Police Department: (508) 830-4218 x 236

Investigator: Det Lt Antonio Gomes

Case Submission No.: 140182



These cases come to us from the law enforcement website