• Mass. Most Wanted: March 22


    This week's Mass. Most Wanted includes cases that don't grab the headlines, but these are the cases that affect all of us, one way or another. And there are a lot of dedicated detectives working on these cases right now; maybe you can help.

    Electronics theft in Milford

    In Milford, police are trying to identify this woman. On Feb. 18, police say she stole five jam box speakers from a Target department store. She put all five of the speakers into a large bag, and just walked out.

    The next day, Feb. 19, she returned to the same Target with a guy and stole four GoPro cameras. In the two days, it's $2,000 worth of stolen merchandise from the same store.

    But there is more, police think. Since the end of January, she and that man have been stealing similar merchandise from stores from Milford to Milbury and on into the Lincoln, Smithfield, R.I. areas.

    They are driving a green Pontiac Grand Prix with Rhode Island plates. The car is missing a rear hubcap. Call Milford police if you recognize her, or know anything about this case.

    Milford Police Department: (508) 473-1113 x 564

    Investigator: Detective Tony Carneiro

    Case Submission No.: 140175


    Cambridge armed robbery

    In Cambridge, police want this guy for an armed robbery. On April 18, 2013, he robbed a Cambridge convenience store at gunpoint. Call Cambridge police if you recognize him.

    Cambridge: (617) 349-9307

    Investigator: Detective Brian OConnor

    Case Submission No.: 130225



    Medway identity theft

    Medway police are looking to identify these people. Late last winter, police say a town resident's identity was stolen. The man in the North Face coat and baseball cap used the victim's credit to buy Target gift cards. Those target gift cards were used the next day by this woman.

    Call Medway police if you know these people.

    Medway Police Department: (508) 533-3212

    Investigator: Det. Matt Reardon

    Case Submission No.: 140168


    Also in Medway, this case. On Feb. 13, this man used a fraudulently obtained credit card to buy handbags and gift cards from Marshalls in Framingham.

    Call Medway police if you recognize him.

    Medway Police Department: (508) 533-3212

    Investigator: Det. Matt Reardon

    Case Submission No.: 140166


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