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Mass. Most Wanted: March 15


Franklin baby formula theft

Three men worked together to steal $1,000 worth of baby formula from the Big Y supermarket on Feb. 28, according to Franklin police.

First, all three men walked into the store together. Then they split up, but met up minutes later in the baby aisle.

Two of the men overloaded a carriage with cans of baby formula while the third was on the lookout. At the front of the store, one guy remained on guard, while the second guy distracted workers and the third pushed the carriage out the front door.

Call Franklin police if you recognize any of these men.

Franklin P.D.: (508) 440-2729

Investigator: Det. Kenney

Case Submission No.: 20140155


Stoughton breaking and entering

Stoughton police are trying to find two men who are wanted for breaking and entering into a secure condominium complex on Feb. 25.

Once inside the building, they put black tape across the doors so residents could not see into the hallway. When they got to the unit they targeted, they cut a hole in the wall to manipulate the deadbolt.

They were seen operating a white vehicle, possibly a Toyota or an Acura.

Call Stoughton police if you recognize them.

Stoughton Pd: (781) 344-2575

Investigator: Det. Sgt. Bob Welch

Case Submission No.: 20140149


These cases come from the law enforcement website,