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Mass. Most Wanted: July 5


Braintree Mobil theft

Braintree police are trying to identify a woman who on May 26, police say stole the clerk's iPhone from a Mobil convenience store near the South Shore Plaza. She drove away in a beige colored car.

We all know iPhones are expensive, and the clerk probably couldn't afford to lose it. So let's see if we can help. If you know who this iPhone thief is, get in touch with Braintree Police.

Braintree Police Department: (781) 794-8685

Investigator: Detective Paris

Case Submission No.: 140345



Brookline 301 Harvard St. robbery

In Brookline, police say a man has a thing for robbing banks. He's kind of complicated as he's an armed bandit, but he's also polite. On June 24, he hit the Eastern Bank on Harvard Street just before 3 in the afternoon. He showed a gun to the teller. That teller, it turns out, has a good memory.

The teller remembered him as the same guy who robbed the same bank on May 9. In that case our guy shows a note, and at first, threatened he had a gun. But he soon proved he meant business when he took out a black handgun, banged it on the counter, pointed it at a teller and demanded cash.

On the way out of the bank, he apologized to the tellers and actually thanked them.

And it turns out, he may have also robbed the Citibank in Brookline, also on Harvard Street, on Nov. 20 of last year.

There is a cash reward offered in this case, make sure you mention the Mass. Most Wanted tip program when you call Brookline police.

Brookline Police: (617) 730-2222 x 2710

Investigator: Det Ken McHugh

Case Submission No.: 140342



Quincy Wash and Dry theft

If you've ever used a laundromat, you probably wondered what might happen to your stuff if you left. Well, in Quincy, here's one thing that might happen.

Quincy police say two women, on June 18, actually stole clothing from the wash and dry on Washington Street.

That's right, they stole used clothes and hopefully clean clothes from the laundromat.

Call Quincy police if you recognize them.

Quincy Police Department: (617) 745-5765

Investigator: Detective Jamie Karvelis

Case Submission No.: 140325



All of these cases come to us from the law enforcement website,