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Mass. Most Wanted: Feb. 22


Boston robbery

This man might look like someone who just walked in from the cold, but police say, he's a bank robber. At about 11 a.m. on Jan. 23, this guy robbed the Mount Washington Bank on Southampton Street in Boston.

The suspect is believed to be about 30-years-old, and he has scruffy facial hair. The getaway car may be a green Mercury Mountaineer that has a damaged front right fender.

If you recognize him please contact the Boston FBI or Boston police, and there is a cash reward available, so mention the Mass. Most Wanted tip program when you call.

Bank Robbery Task Force: (617) 223-6407

Investigator: Patricia Durant

Case Submission No.: 140127


Quincy Walmart armed robbery

For most people, Valentine's Day is a day for love, but not for this couple.

Quincy police say they tried to steal something from a Wal-Mart at knife point.

Police say the man pulled a knife on two loss prevention officers when they approached the couple and that allowed the woman to escape.

The man is 6'3" and is about 30-years-old. He has a tattoo on the left side of his neck and hands. The woman is about 25-years-old, like the guy, she has blonde hair and a thin build.

Call Quincy police if you recognize them.

Quincy Police: (617) 745-5766

Investigator: Detective Michael Ward

Case Submission No.: 140120


Natick specialty store credit card theft

Two men are wanted in a stolen credit card case. On Jan. 19 the victim started noticing strange charges on her credit card bill.

Two men were caught on surveillance using the stolen credit card at specialty stores in Natick and Framingham.

If you recognize them please contact the Natick police.

Natick Police Department: (508) 647-9510 x 3012

Investigator: Detective Chad Howard

Case Submission No.: 140124


Dedham Sears larceny

In Dedham, a man and woman are wanted for stealing clothes from a Sears store. Police think they've hit that Sears store more than once, and there is surveillance of them from Feb. 10.

If you recognize them, please contact the Dedham police.

Dedham P.D: (781) 326-1212

Investigator: Rich Porro

Case Submission No.: 140123


These cases come from the law enforcement website