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Mass. Most Wanted: Feb. 1


Burlington Apple Store Theft

At the Apple Store in the Burlington Mall, police are trying to identify a woman, who on Dec. 28 bought nearly $6,000 worth of Apple Store merchandise on a stolen credit card.

The woman was described as Brazilian, she only spoke Portuguese to store employees. She was wearing a black winter coat with fur on the hood and was carrying a gray handbag. She also had sunglasses resting on her head.

If you recognize this woman, contact Burlington police:

Burlington Police Department: 781-505-4968

Investigator: Sgt. Gerard McDonough

Case Submission No.: 20140076



Worcester Home Invasion Suspect

In Worcester, detectives want to identify a woman who may have been involved in an armed home invasion on Dec. 21, 2013.

Call Worcester police if she looks familiar:

Worcester Police: 508-799-8651

Investigator: Detective Blakney

Case Submission No.: 20140064



Foxboro Patriots Place Theft

In Foxboro, police say a man stole more than $2,000 cash from a store at Patriot Place on Jan. 8. Police say he got in through a back door, and helped himself to the money.

If you know who he is, hand him over to Foxboro police.

Foxborough Police Department: 508-543-1212 x 262

Investigator: Detective Timothy O'Leary

Case Submission No.: 20140077



These cases come from the law enforcement website,