• Mass. Most Wanted: August 2


    Newton theft

    Newton police are looking to identify three suspects who broke into a camera rental store on June 27 masked and gloved. They targeted the high end, professional camera and accessory items. They got away in what is believed to be a dark SUV with chrome molding on the side.

    Surveillance shows the first suspect to be a tall man, but because of the masks, the gender of the other two suspects is not known. However, images suggest that like the first suspect, they are both tall men.

    If you have any information about this case, call Newton Police.

    Newton: (617) 796-2100 x 2155

    Investigator: Det Bob Lee

    Case Submission No.: 140365



    Canton/Quincy theft

    Now, this thief left quite the trail. First, he took a purse from a Canton office and stole the credit cards, but left the purse behind in a bathroom. Next he charged multiple items to the cards on Newport Avenue in Quincy. Finally he discarded the credit cards at the intersection of Canton Avenue and Adams Street in Milton.

    Police say the suspect is a heavy-set man in his 40s or 50s. He was wearing a blue t-shirt that reads Boston across the front, with blue jeans. He was also wearing reading glasses. He is believed to frequent Newport Avenue.

    If you know who he is, call Canton Police.

    Canton Police Department: (781) 828-1212 x 301

    Investigator: Detective Paul Gallagher

    Case Submission No.: 140370



    Norwood McDonald’s theft

    Norwood police are trying to identify a man who police say bought $2,500 worth of McDonald’s gift cards with a stolen credit card. The suspect is a tall, man wearing a red shirt.

    Authorities believe there was a second person involved, a man with dreadlocks. Call Norwood police if you can help.

    Norwood PD: (781) 440-5123

    Investigator: Off. T. Annino

    Case Submission No.: 140362



    Brookline Street, Paul Street theft

    Brookline police are looking for two suspects in a theft case. The pair broke into a car, stole credit cards and used them at the Walgreens on Harvard Street in Brookline.

    The first suspect has a medium build and was wearing a black t-shirt and red bucket hat. The second suspect is a woman with dark hair, and police say she was wearing a tank top.

    Call Brookline police if you can help.

    Brookline: (617) 730-2717

    Investigator: Detective Carlos Crespo

    Case Submission No.: 140367


    All of these cases come to us from the law enforcement website, MassMostWanted.org.

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