• CRIME FILES: Lizzie Marriott, Jonathan Dailey cases


    BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) FOX 25's Bob Ward updated the statuses of two cases that commanded headlines in the past few weeks.

    Ward first discussed the Lizzie Marriott case.

    Lizzie was only 19 years old when she disappeared on Oct. 9. New Hampshire authorities believe she is dead and an arrest has been made, but they still have not found her body 

    On the night Lizzie disappeared, she attended a late lab at UNH. She told her relatives she was going to visit a friend in Dover, NH after class. Lizzie's cell phone was detected in the Dover area that night, but she was never found. Her car was recovered from a UNH parking lot.

    Days after the search for Lizzie began, 29-year-old Seth Mazzaglia was charged with second degree murder for her death. New Hampshire prosecutors said the 19-year-old was either strangled or suffocated to death. Lizzie and Mazzaglia knew each other.

    There have been extensive searches in and around Pierce Island near Portsmouth. That is where it is believed that Lizzie's body was thrown in the water. Hurricane Sandy brought rain and winds to the region this week, which churned the water up near the island. Volunteers and investigators are continuing their search and hope the strong currents following Sandy might reveal some new evidence. It is possible however, that Lizzie was swept out to sea.

    Ward also discussed a case that was unfolding at the same time as Lizzie Marriott's case. The body of a North Carolina man studying in Boston was pulled from the Charles River a few weeks ago. Sources claim a chain was around the body.

    Jonathan Dailey was 23 years old when he was found in the Charles River near the Boston University bridge. Sources tell FOX 25 the chain that was wrapped around his ankles was attached to a cinder block.

    A medical examiner has still not released their report on Dailey's death. The Mass. State Police are still investigating as they work to determine whether or not Dailey was a victim of foul play, an accident, or if he took his own life.

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