Crime Files: Convicted criminals seek release from prison


(FOX 25 / – Thirty-six-year-old Jesse Brooks is in prison. He was convicted of helping his father in a murder-for-hire plot in New Hampshire; however, Brooks' mother, Lorraine, believes her son was wrongly convicted.

In Manchester, N.H., Lorraine Brooks and her team of private investigators announced they are seeking a new trial for her son, Jesse.

Jesse's father, John, is serving life with no parole for the same murder.

Lorraine Brooks told FOX 25's Bob Ward that she has evidence that proves Jesse could not have attended a planning meeting for the murder in Las Vegas because he was in court that day, and she also has time-stamped receipts showing where he was later that same day.

Private investigators say the planning meeting never even took place. They alleged a key witness, who participated in the murder, lied in court about Jesse's involvement.

"The evidence that has come to light, proves beyond a reasonable doubt that my son is innocent. This was a politically charged case from the very beginning," Lorraine said. "The attention surrounding the case helped catapult Kelly Ayotte into a seat in the United States Senate. Others in her department also used this case for political gain and career advancement."

The New Hampshire Attorney General's Office is denying there as any political agenda at work.

Jesse is serving his time in an Arizona prison.

Another high-profile case coming out of New Hampshire deals with convicted killer Pamela Smart. Smart is reportedly trying to get out of prison, but she's not getting very far.

Apparently, Smart was hoping a new governor might give her a new chance at freedom. Smart was convicted in the 1990 murder of her husband Greg in their Derry condo.

Smart is serving a life sentence with no parole. She was convicted of enlisting four teens in the plot, including her teenaged lover, Billy Flynn.

Smart has long acknowledged her affair with Flynn, but she has always denied having anything to do with her husband's murder.

In 2005, Smart tried to get her sentence reduced, but the previous governor refused.

Now, New Hampshire has a new governor, and it looks like she feels the same way.

"The governor, Maggie Hassan, believes Pamela Smart was justly and fairly convicted for her crimes by a jury of her peers and that there has never been credible information presented to warrant consideration of a pardon," a spokesman said.

In another statement to the Portsmouth Herald, Eleanor Pam, a spokeswoman, said, "Unmasked bias, pre-judgment, premature public conclusions about a petition not even written or filed, all are toxic to a responsible and civilized pursuit of justice."

Smart is serving her sentence in a New York prison.

Billy Flynn, the actual trigger man who testified against Smart, is eligible for parole in 2015.

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