• Crime Files: Bob Ward updates cases of missing person, two murders


    BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) FOX 25 crime reporter Bob Ward updated three different cases during the FOX 25 News at 10 on Thursday.

    Jennifer Fay

    It was 23 years ago on Wednesday that Jennifer disappeared from Brockton. Bob says a lot of people are working hard to bring Jennifer home.

    On Nov. 14, 1989, Jennifer disappeared a few doors away from her own home. Authorities thought Jennifer was a runaway, but no one believes that now.

    On the night Jennifer disappeared, she was supposed to be babysitting her younger sister. Instead, she got out of the house and hung around with friends in her neighborhood and then vanished.

    There is a team of private investigators who have been working on Jennifer's case for years. They've conducted extensive searches and developed persons of interest. They have a new area they hope to be searching soon.

    In addition to the private investigators, there is an army of family and friends keeping Jennifer's story alive. On Saturday, they are holding an all-day fundraiser in Brockton to help keep this case going.

    Jennifer's mother, Dottie, would like nothing more than to bring Jennifer home. There is a $10,000 reward on the table.

    Johann Miranda

    Johann was shot to death in Lawrence early in the morning on New Year's Eve in front of a dozen eyewitnesses.

    Johann's sister tells Bob Ward that she understands the shooter was making derogatory remarks about Johann's Dominican heritage just before he opened fire.

    The Essex County District Attorney's Office released surveillance video to FOX 25 which shows three men running to a waiting car immediately after the murder. One of the men has a severe limp.

    Police want to talk to those three men. Call Mass. State Police if you can help.

    Timothy Walker

    Timothy's case was solved because of surveillance video. He was murdered on the steps of his grandmother's house in Lawrence. Surveillance video shows the gunman before and after the murder.

    District Attorney Jon Blodgett tells Bob Ward that his previous story on Timothy's murder, as well as the video, led directly to the arrest of Rafael Martinez.

    Timothy's mother tells Bob that the trial of her son's alleged killer begins on Feb 11.

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