• Crime Files: Alleged murderer back in court sans swastika tattoo


    CRIME FILES – Keith Luke is a self-proclaimed white supremacist accused of murdering two people and badly hurting a third in Brockton in 2009. His trial is just getting started, and Luke is showing up in court looking completely different from the last time we saw him.

    Luke barely resembles the man seen in other court appearances. It appears he has lost a substantial amount of weight. His head is shaved and he has no facial hair. One thing that's hard to notice is the swastika that he carved into his own forehead shortly after his arrest. The scars are still there, but not easy to see.

    Jury selection is underway in his case.

    The victims were all of Cape Verdean descent.

    Luke allegedly told police he was on a mission to kill non-whites.

    In another case, Paula Jones, a 23-year-old woman who was shot to death in Roxbury in Oct. 2011, has been featured on New England's Unsolved as recently as this week.

    Just before the murder, surveillance video reveals a car pulling into the intersection of Dearborn Street and Ziegler Street. The two killers run out of the car and fire into a courtyard where Jones was standing.

    Police believe the getaway car was a silver or gray late model Dodge Charger. There is no motive as Jones did not belong to any gang and was not in any kind of trouble.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact the Boston Police Department.

    June marks the 13th anniversary of the unsolved abduction and murder of Molly Bish, of Warren.

    Molly's sister, Heather Bish, is headed to Washington D.C. Tuesday night to take part in National Missing Children's Day at the Department of Justice.

    Heather Bish spoke with FOX 25's Bob Ward and said she will speak about the importance of resilience for families enduring the pain of a missing child.

    The Molly Bish case remains unsolved; however, DNA collected from the Florida trailer of Rodney Stanger, the person of interest in the case, is still waiting to be analyzed.

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