• Craters on Mercury look like Cookie Monster


    NASA's Messenger mission on Mercury has turned up an extraordinary find on the swift planet, and it's a familiar childhood staple.

    In a post on Flickr titled "Anyone else think this looks like the Cookie Monster?," researchers show a photo of two younger craters superpostitioned on the rim of an older crater that do, in fact, look like Cookie Monster.

    The image was acquired from the Messenger spacecraft which is orbiting Mercury.

    Researchers said it was the product of "high-resolution targeted observation" which allow scientists to capture super high resolution photographers of specifically targeted areas.

    While the image is pretty cool, it also allows you to answer the question "Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?" with: "Find a ship capable of traveling more than 77 million kilometers and wait about 26,000 years." Or just watch PBS.

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