• Court documents detail Remy's alleged attack on fellow inmate


    CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Court documents detail Jared Remy's alleged attack on another inmate at Middlesex County Jail.

    The documents claim Remy used a plastic chair, what appeared to be hot coffee, and a bar of soap to attack the inmate.

    Court documents allege the other inmate is seen on video sitting in front of a television. A short time later, Remy reportedly comes from the bunks to his right and throws what appears to be coffee in the inmate's face.

    Investigators allege Remy then threw a bar of soap at the inmate before picking up a green plastic chair and hitting him at least six times. Seconds later, Remy is seen hitting the inmate with his fists before they are separated by officers.

    After the altercation, the inmate told officers he never had any words with Remy and did not know who he was prior to the attack. He said Remy called him a homophobic slur when he punched him.

    During an interview with investigators, Remy reportedly said he knew who the inmate was and believed he was a child molester. He said other detainees were talking about the charges the inmate was facing.

    "Remy stated that he picked on the biggest guy there because he didn't want to seem like he was picking on anyone," reads the report in-part.

    Court documents claim Remy went on in the interview to say he is not a rat or child molester and that he didn't "want to be around those people."

    When asked about why another inmate assaulted him, Remy said that it may be because he is a rich kid, his name is in the newspaper, and he is not like those people.

    "I'd rather take a punch in the face everyday living on the tiers earning respect than living in protective custody," Remy is quoted as saying.

    Remy said he did not want to press charges against the other inmate in the prior incident.

    Remy will be arraigned on April 24 on eight felony counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and one misdemeanor count of assault and battery.

    The son of broadcasting legend Jerry Remy is awaiting an October trial in the murder of his girlfriend, Jennifer Martel. He is charged with stabbing her to death at their Waltham apartment in August 2013.

    Remy's case was a driving force behind new legislation that will come up for a vote at the State House Tuesday. The bill would toughen penalties for domestic battery suspects and repeat offenders. It would also create new domestic violence crimes.

    The bill would mandate that suspects in domestic violence cases be held for at least six hours before bail can be posted, giving alleged victims time to come up with a safe plan. It would also force judges to write their reasoning for releasing domestic violence suspects.

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