• Court documents detail alleged fight leading up to fatal shooting of Waltham teen


    WALTHAM, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com/AP) - A Newton man charged with playing a role in the killing of a Waltham High School senior and varsity wrestling captain was arraigned Thursday.

    Taylor Poulin was held on $500,000 bail. He is charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, unlicensed possession of a firearm, and conspiracy to violate drug laws.

    The 21-year-old Poulin is one of two men facing charges in connection with the March 20 shooting death of 17-year-old Tyler Zanco.

    Police continue to search for the alleged shooter, 22-year-old Domingo Mendes, of Belmont.

    According to court paperwork, a resident told police they heard arguing and looked out of their window to see two or three men beating another man, who was yelling for help. The resident backed away from the window after one of the men looked in their direction. Shortly after backing away, the resident reported hearing what they believed to possibly be three gunshots.

    A second resident also witnessed the fight. They said the fight was taking place between two men and they witnessed a third man pull a handgun from his waist and fire one shot at them. The resident reported seeing the man fire two or three more shots before leaving with one of the other men in what is described as a newer gray Dodge "muscle car."

    Waltham police responded to the scene to find a trail of blood, which they followed across the parking lot to the victim, later identified as Zanco. A stun gun was found near the scene and a pair of brass knuckles were recovered from Zanco's pocket. His cell phone was also recovered.

    Investigators spoke with Zanco's parents who said he was having trouble with a person named "Tru." They said the teen was afraid of Tru because he had a gun. After speaking with friends, investigators learned Zanco and two friends attempted to rob Tru, later identified by police as Taylor Poulin, because they believed he cheated Zanco's cousin in a marijuana deal.

    One witness told police Zanco used one of his friend's stun gun on Poulin during the drug transaction and a fight ensued. They told police Mendes then pulled out what they described as a revolver-style gun and shot it into the air. Zanco began to run after the shot was fired, at which time Mendes fired another shot.

    Poulin was tracked down in Windham, Maine several days after the shooting.

    Zanco was transported to Newton Wellesley Hospital where he was pronounced dead. His cause of death was determined to be a gunshot wound to the chest that entered through the back.

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