• Court docs detail violent Bedford, N.H. assault


    BEDFORD, N.H. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- New details have emerged about a violent home invasion that left a New Hampshire doctor maimed.

    Nearly 200 pages of documents were unsealed Wednesday that detail the night of horror Dr. Eduardo Quesada and his wife Sonia endured on Nov. 24, 2012.

    Sonia told police the intruder was trying to "kill her husband" and that she was severely beaten and sexually assaulted. She was left partially blind and her body was seriously injured during the assault.

    Eduardo Quesada was stabbed repeatedly in the face with a screwdriver, leaving him maimed.

    Through police interviews with 29-year-old Sonia, and police informants whose names have been taken out, a number of new details emerged, including how the suspects entered the home.

    Intruders got in through a basement window, by cutting the outer screen.

    Sonia Quesada told police she first encountered the intruder in her laundry room. She described him as a black man wearing a ski mask and gloves. The suspect asked her where the safe was, and she told them she didn't have one.

    She then told police the man in the mask beat her to the point of partial blindness and raped her.

    While this was happening, Quesada said her husband went silent while being assaulted, leading her to believe he had been killed.

    Quesada managed to escape. When police arrived, they found the couple's child still in the home, upstairs, crying.

    Police later asked Sonia "If there was anyone that she knew that made her feel uncomfortable."

    Quesada said their nanny, who only recently stopped working for them, made her uncomfortable because - among other things - "another house where she'd worked as a nanny had also been broken into," while the nanny was there.

    And rather than call police, the nanny "called her husband."

    Police also say in that burglary, a ground floor basement window had also been broken open with a utility knife.

    Six weeks later, Sonia overdosed on prescription drugs and Eduardo was found unconscious near her.

    Charles Normil, 33, from Lawrence, Mass., was charged in the original attack.

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