• Congressman Ed Markey defends low profile campaign


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – Congressman Ed Markey is defending himself against criticism he hasn't been around much on the campaign trail.

    Last week, Markey had no public events scheduled where reporters could ask him questions, and now he is being criticized for attending out of state fundraisers instead of campaigning in Massachusetts.

    Markey has also been criticized for not living in Massachusetts and spending more time at his Maryland home.

    FOX 25's Sharman Sacchetti asked Markey if he thinks the low profile campaign will help him coast to victory, and if he plans to have any opportunities for reporters to ask him questions.

    "I'll be answering questions all week long, I'm sure like this for FOX and crisscrossing the state," Markey replied.

    "So you'll come on FOX then?" Sacchetti asked.

    "As the campaign goes by you know, this is not the first time you have spoken to me in this campaign, and I know it will not be the last," Markey said.

    "You believe that criticism is unfounded then, that you're not around in Massachusetts?" Sacchetti asked.

    "I have been representing Massachusetts with all of my energy. When I have to cast votes in Washington, I'm there with Stephe Lynch. We have to be there, but when I'm not casting votes, I've been here and campaigning my heart out – 12 hours a day, seven days a week since Dec. 27," Markey replied.

    "You have been fundraising out of state, that Eliot Spitzer fundraiser then the one in California," Sharman pursued further.

    "For a very, very, very small percentage of time, perhaps. But for the vast overwhelming amount of my time and energy of the last 90 days, it's been right there in Massachusetts."

    Markey is, in fact, the only candidate on both sides who has not appeared or agreed to appear on any FOX 25 newscast.

    Markey and Lynch are scheduled to debate each other on Monday night.

    If his strategy is to keep a low profile, it appears to be working. The latest poll shows Markey 11 points ahead of Congressman Stephen Lynch.

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