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Conducting drug raid, police bust the wrong house first


FRAMINGHAM, Mass. ( -- A Framingham family was awakened Thursday by police breaking down their front door and forcing everyone to the ground at gunpoint after they conducted a drug raid at the wrong house.

Framingham and State Police were conducting a multi-jurisdictional drug investigation when the mistake occurred around 6 a.m. Thursday.

"They had me down on the hallway upstairs, my daughter was coming out of the shower, she didn't have [any] clothes on, they make her get down, my kids are on the floor," said Michelle McClain, whose apartment was raided.

She has five kids between four and 18 years old. Some, she says, have behavioral problems, making it hard for them to understand what happened.

"They were asking me 'why are they here, why are they doing this, what did we do?'", said McClain.

After police acknowledged their mistake they proceeded to raid the next door apartment and make an arrest. A Sergeant later returned to McClain to apologize. The town manager did as well.

"We acknowledge the mistake, we feel remorse and we offered an apology," said Town Manager Bob Halpin.

McClain is now looking for new housing and is hoping for assistance from the town in an effort to right the wrong.