• Concerned hair stylist helps save 82-year-old client


    SALEM, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A concerned hair stylist from Marblehead helped save the life of an 82-year-old client last week.

    Lisa Buswell called the client after she failed to show up to her weekly hair appointment last Thursday. The woman had an appointment with Buswell at the same time once a week for seven years.

    When the woman didn't answer her phone, Buswell called a former neighbor of the woman, Wilbur Bassett, and asked him to drive by her house to see if her car was in the driveway.

    Bassett tells FOX 25 he found her car in the garage. Buswell had a feeling something was terribly wrong and asked Bassett to try to get into the home.

    Bassett went to the back of the home and entered through the kitchen door, which he found unlocked. Once inside, he yelled for the woman. She responded and he found her at the bottom of the stairs. The woman had fallen down the stairs the day before and remained there with a fractured, leg, hip, and broken ribs.

    Bassett called 911 and the woman was transported to the hospital where she underwent surgery. She is recovering and in good spirits.

    Buswell is asking others to keep an eye on their elderly neighbors and family members following her own experience with her longtime client.

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