Comedian: Without the narration 'The Wonder Years' is mostly silent


Most people remember the classic show "The Wonder Years" as a heartwarming, coming-of-age television series. An integral part of the show was always the older version of Kevin Arnold narrating what was happening in the younger version of himself's head. That narration has been the subject of a long standing Internet meme.

During a comedy act years ago, comedian Jon Friedman mused that without the narration in Kevin's head, the show is 95% people staring at each other (and the rest is Wayne getting yelled at.)

To prove Friedman's point, website contributors across the Internet have edited the narration out of scenes in the show leaving Kevin awkwardly staring at his mom or moping around his room.

The meme has been making the rounds on viral sites once again. To see any of the videos, head to YouTube and search, "The Silent Wonder Years."

Here's one to get you started:


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