• Comcast customers report email phishing scam


    A number of e-mails reported to be phishing scams have been listed on Comcast.net.

    FOX 25 was alerted to the potential email scam by a viewer who said he had received an e-mail saying that his account had been canceled. A FOX 25 employee, who is also a Comcast customer, reported receiving the same e-mail.

    The MyFoxBoston.com team looked into the email and found that it matched phishing e-mail scams listed on Comcast's website under their "Top Phishing Scams" section.

    The e-mail's subject reads "Services Cancellation Notice." The body of the email reads: "Dear Comcast Customer, There was an issue with your last payment. You are required to validate your payment information in order to avoid service suspension. Please update your payment methods. Click the link below to visit Comcast Bill & Payment."

    Another reported e-mail has the subject "Billing Alert" followed by a series of letters. The body of that e-mail reads: "Dear COMCAST Member, The credit card we have on file for your COMCAST Internet service was declined when we attempted to bill you on 09/20/2012 for your most recent service fees. For this reason, your service could be suspended. Please visit our Account Information pages, located at (link)."

    Comcast employees told both the viewer and FOX 25 employee that the company does not send cancellation notices by e-mail and that the e-mail was a phishing scam.

    Following reports of the phishing scam, a Comcast spokesperson released a statement to FOX 25 that reads in-part:

    "Comcast takes its responsibility to provide a safe and secure online experience very seriously - we offer a Security Channel at http://xfinity.comcast.net/constantguard that serves as an online resource to help customers protect themselves and their families from spam, viruses, and other online threats."

    The spokesperson adds that Comcast has established a Customer Security Assurance team that can be reached at 888-565-4329.

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