• Coastal Flood Advisory issued through Saturday morning


    Boston picked up 13.1" of snow from this storm, bringing our season total to 55.9" which is well above average! We picked up more snow from this storm than all of last season! Some places, like Blue Hills, loved the extra gift from Mother Nature while commuters and some other folks were not so pleased.

    A good portion of central and eastern Mass. saw 12" to 18" of snow, with some higher totals close to two feet southwest of Boston and across the higher elevations of Worcester County.

    Closer to the Cape, totals were much lower as the water content of the snow was higher which limited accumulations. There was just a slushy coating to an inch on the Cape.

    Click here is a list of snowfall totals provided by the National Weather Service

    With slightly cooler temperatures than expected and a non-stop plume of moisture streaming off the ocean, snow continued to accumulate fluffier than anticipated (because of the few degree temperature difference), and bam! We saw the snow pile up and pile up.

    The amount of liquid to snow ratio was higher than forecast because of the temps and that is why the snow totals were forecast to be lower. The interesting fact about the storm is that it was 400 to 500 miles offshore, just like predicted!

    Usually to get hit like we did, the storm is much closer to us. However, a band of moisture extending far out from the center of the storm set up shop over our area. Combine that with the slightly lower temps, and we continued to see precip through the evening.

    The good news now is that the snow has ended and we find improvement through the weekend. Temperatures will be moderate all weekend and highs will be in the 50s early next week, though that comes with some rain. I think I'll take that at this point.

    A Coastal Flood Advisory will continue through the high tide Saturday morning although the impacts are not expected to be as severe as the Friday morning high tide. The water will only contribute to further beach erosion and flooding, especially those vulnerable areas already compromised.

    Here's a list of local high tides as the type of flooding expected:


    • 9 AM: Minor


    • 9 AM: Minor

    Boston Harbor:

    • 9 AM: Minor


    • 9 AM: Moderate

    Sandwich Harbor:

    • 9 AM: Moderate

    Nantucket, East

    • 10 AM: Minor, Beach Erosion

    Waves will easily be as high as 15 to 20 feet at times. Those battering waves are expected to focus areas of severe erosion along the outer Cape, Chatham, and eastern Nantucket.

    Click here is a list of snowfall totals provided by the National Weather Service

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