• Cloudy with some sunshine, temps in the 40s


    by FOX 25 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Lemanowicz:

    Temperatures vary widely across southern New England Thursday morning. You are waking up in the 20s north and west of Worcester, 30s from Worcester to Boston, 40s in southeastern Massachusetts. It is all about the wind direction this morning. North winds inland have kept dry air in place, allowing temperatures to drop the most.

    Northeast winds in southeastern MA have allowed temperatures to stay higher due to both the water temperature moderating the air temperature and the low clouds that have come in off the ocean. Those low clouds may not be able to burn off all day, but there will be some sunshine in the rest of southern New England. Thin clouds have been streaming north from an area of rain in the Carolinas, so there will be partly to mostly sunny skies away from the south shore. This will continue into the weekend, with cool high temperatures in the 40s to low 50s.

    Those northeast winds at the coast and astronomical high tides will cause some minor coastal flooding between about 10am and 1pm Thursday. Some shore roads may be impassable and a little beach erosion could occur.

    Thanksgiving week and travel time are looking better. The two computer models we talked about yesterday, the ECMWF (Euro) and GFS, both keep this storm far away from us. Both still form a storm, which could still mean some big waves coming toward southern New England, but unless you are sailing for Thanksgiving that should not be a problem. There is still the chance the storm could come closer, but the chances get smaller if today's model runs come in the same way. We'll update you.


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