• Clinton firefighter indicted in fire at ex-wife's home


    CLINTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – A firefighter in Clinton on paid administrative leave will be arraigned on Thursday to face several charges for reportedly setting fire to his ex-wife's dryer.

    Dean Weeks, a 26-year member of the Clinton Fire Department, has been indicted on four criminal charges, including wanton destruction of property, assault and battery on a disabled person with bodily injury, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, and misleading a police investigation.

    The disabled person he reportedly assaulted was his ex-wife Doreen. Doreen suffers from multiple sclerosis and believes her ex-husband was trying to kill her when he set the dryer on fire at her Woodruff Road home.

    Doreen told FOX 25 that her husband texted her on Aug. 13 and told her to check her dryer. She said that three days prior to the fire, Weeks had fixed the propane on the gas clothes dryer.

    However, when Doreen went to turn the dryer on, it blew up, and she sustained third-degree burns to her legs. She spent three weeks in the hospital recovering from her injuries. Her dog was thrown out of the screen window from the blast, but survived.

    Doreen requested a protective order because she was in fear for her life and felt the dryer episode was an attempt on her life. She also claims her ex-husband told her not to tell anyone because he would lose his job, and she would get nothing.

    Weeks was placed on paid administrative leave on Sept. 1; however, Fire Chief Richard Hart, Weeks' boss, told FOX 25 that, "we're currently reviewing his employment status, and as soon as he is arraigned and as soon as we have factual information on him, we will take the appropriate action."

    This was not the first time a fire occurred on Weeks' property, or former property. Weeks used to own a restaurant called Tailgaters Grill, but in Jan. 2011, the establishment burnt down after a gas pipe broke in the kitchen. The State Fire Marshal told FOX 25 that the fire was ruled accidental and is not related to the current investigation.

    Clinton Police Chief Mark Laverdure said, "I know Dean personally, and we work very closely with the fire department, and they're a great department. This one bad person shouldn't reflect on the fire department. It's horrible what Dean Weeks did - he hurt his ex-wife and, luckily, he didn't kill her."

    FOX 25 reached out to the office of Weeks' attorney, and he did not return our call.

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