• Clean up continues after low-level tornado touches down in Worcester

    WORCESTER, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) -- Damage left behind by a tornado in Worcester Sunday night wasn't too strong, but left a lot to clean up.

    The National Weather Service deemed the tornado an EF-0, the weakest-level tornado, but winds reached 85 miles per hour.

    The damage extends from Vernon Hill to Grafton Hill,  a distance of nearly 2 miles

    One woman was home with her three young children when the tornado hit. One of the trees that snapped in her yard put a hole in the apartment building next door.

    Her car survived, untouched, but others were not so fortunate.

    On Sterling Street one car after another had broken windows and other damage, and another tree crushed a Toyota Rav-4.

    Thankfully, the tornado passed without injuring any people.

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