• City transportation worker breaking own parking rules


    FOX UNDERCOVER -- A Boston Transportation Department worker is being slapped with a $100 fine from his bosses for breaking a parking law his department enforces.

    The unidentified employee's vehicle was spotted in front of a fire hydrant on Massachusetts Avenue Tuesday by a FOX 25 viewer who says the vehicle was there for nearly an hour.

    The city says the worker collects money from parking meters.

    Boston gives out a lot of tickets for people blocking fire hydrants. Last year, parking enforcement officers wrote more than 9,000 tickets for that violation, bringing in almost $1,000,000 in fines.

    The viewer who contacted FOX25 makes deliveries in the city and says he's fed up with seeing city workers parking illegally.

    Boston Transportation Department Commissioner Tom Tinlin isn't happy.

    "I was very disappointed to see one of our vehicles blocking a fire hydrant. The Boston Transportation Department is in the process of identifying the driver, and I will be writing him a $100 ticket," said Tinlin. "We will also follow the progressive disciplinary procedure as laid out in this employee's union contract. I want to thank the vigilant viewer who snapped the photo. We stress that drivers of city vehicles are held to an even higher standard than regular motorists, and this incident will serve as an example for others."

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