• Child entertainer arrested after reportedly soliciting sex from truck driver


    A 46-year-old Danvers man who works as a clown for children's parties was arraigned on Thursday after reportedly trying to solicit sex from a truck driver.

    A truck driver called police claiming that Vosolo, who was naked at the time, approached his truck at a rest stop in Rowley on Tuesday night wearing only a thong. The driver got out of his car and Vosolo reportedly grabbed the driver's genitals. He then told Vosolo to meet him at a rest stop in New Hampshire and then called police to report the incident.

    Mass. State Police attempted to stop Vosolo as he was driving, but he reportedly continued and was throwing items out of his window. Vosolo finally stopped along Route 95 in Salisbury and was arrested.

    The 46-year-old reportedly admitted to tossing a crack pipe and some cocaine out of his window. Investigators also say Vosolo admitted to leaving his home in just a thong and approaching a randomly selected truck driver because he wanted to "fulfill a fantasy."

    Vosolo was arraigned on charges that include indecent exposure, assault and battery, and failure to stop for police Thursday.

    Investigators tell FOX 25 Vosolo worked as a children's entertainer at Total Entertainment. The company says that Vosolo no longer works there.

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