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Child airlifted to hospital after getting hit by SUV in school parking lot


WELLESLEY, Mass. - An 8-year-old boy remains hospitalized Friday morning after he was hit by an SUV in a Wellesley school parking lot.

The unidentified child suffered significant injuries and was taken to a hospital via medical helicopter after he was hit Thursday afternoon at the Schofield School.

Police said the SUV had been circling the parking lot looking for a spot and somehow hit the boy, who was with his caretaker at the time.

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The unidentified driver immediately jumped out of the vehicle and tried to help the boy until the medical helicopter arrived to take him to a Boston hospital.

“At this time we have our accident reconstructionists on scene with our detectives,” Wellesley police Lt. Marie Cleary said. “They’re trying to determine the chain of events.”

It’s unclear how the driver ended up hitting the child, but witnesses told police that speed was not a factor.

The driver was also taken to a hospital after the incident.

Police told Boston 25 News that the boy does not attend the Schofield School, but is a student of the Wellesley School District.

No other information has been released.