• Chemist wants more obstruction charges thrown out


    BOSTON (AP) — A former state chemist whose actions authorities say sent a ripple through the criminal justice system is challenging charges connected to claims she made in court that she had a master's degree.

    Last year's 27-count indictment against Annie Dookhan included allegations that she faked drug test results and tampered with evidence at a lab authorities later shut down.

    The 35-year-old Franklin woman has pleaded not guilty.

    She left Suffolk Superior Court without commenting Friday after a judge set her next hearing for June 27.

    A judge previously ruled against dismissing two obstruction of justice charges relating to Dookhan's academic credential claims while testifying as an expert witness.

    Lawyers agreed to consolidate proceedings about dismissal motions related to 11 similar charges, but paperwork hadn't arrived in Boston from five other counties Friday.

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