• Cat riding on the Red Line in a stroller becomes Internet sensation


    BOSTON (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) - Travelers on the MBTA are getting catty and the fur is flying on Twitter because there is no room for a middle ground.

    The feline Jacoby and his owner have created a firestorm on Twitter for taking up valuable space on the MBTA.

    On Wednesday, Jacoby - cleverly disguised as your average cowboy riding the Red Line - became an Internet sensation.
    Commuters were not happy to see him riding the T in a stroller with his owner. Some complained about allergies and others said pets weren't allowed.
    The rift carried over to Twitter, sparking a war of words with the "strollercat" hashtag.

    The limelight has dazzled owner Coco Koh, insurance agent by day, cat blogger by night. Koh says on her cat-themed blog she normally just goes about her routine, but this time, on the crowded Red Line, the stroller provoked frustration among what she describes as "snippy" commuters.
    Several commuters snapped photos of their own on the ride and posted their complaints on Twitter. Some complained about allergies, while others said Koh's kitty took up too much space. Some riders said the cat wasn't even allowed on the MBTA.

    Koh retorted from her own Twitter account, saying Jacoby is most certainly allowed to ride the train, as long as he's properly contained. The next thing she knew, the Boston Herald was calling, Stroller Cat was trending and Jacoby started a Twitter account without her knowledge with the handle @strollercat. The MBTA is a follower.

    Koh says on her blog that she is surprised by the offense she caused and that most people, like the children and the elderly, love her cats. One of them she rescued after it lost an eye.

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