• 'Career criminal' begs for forgiveness at third parole hearing


    (FOX 25 / MyFoxBoston.com) – A career criminal serving a life sentence for the 1983 murder of Kostas Efsthaioiou appeared before the Massachusetts Parole Board for the third time on Tuesday and begged to be released.

    Thomas Childs, 71, has gotten lucky with the law. He was pardoned by Gov. Michael Dukakis in 1975 and had his criminal record, which included a number of convictions, wiped clean. Childs was then able to obtain a gun making possible the murder of Efsthaioiou.

    Childs has spent 27 years in prison, but on Tuesday appeared before the parole board and talked about the night he murdered Efsthaioiou in Roslindale.

    "I did not mean to shoot and kill anyone. I did not mean to fire the gun, but I had. I realized I shot him. I saw his head go back against the seat," Childs said.

    Childs, who has been in trouble with the law since age 11, told the board that he does not believe that there is any benefit for him to be in prison any longer.

    Esfthaioiou's family pleaded with the parole board to keep Childs in prison.

    "I have raised three children on my own. My husband never had the opportunity to share in their lives beyond childhood," Nadine Estathiou said.

    Childs is trying to convince the parole board that he should be eligible because he managed to stay out from trouble from 1970 until the night of the murder in 1983.

    However, it did not appear the board was buying it.

    "Yeah you were out in the community for 13-and-a-half years, but you did spiral out of control downward. And at the conclusion of those 13-and-a-half years, you committed the worst crime possible," a board member replied.

    Two men, including one who was incarcerated with Childs, spoke on his behalf, telling the parole board that Childs was a positive influence in their lives.

    The parole board did not decide on Tuesday.  It could be several months before the board decides if Childs should be released.

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