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Carbon monoxide poisoning suspected in 4 deaths


( – Carbon monoxide poisoning is suspected in four deaths. Two men, believed to be brothers, died at a home in Springfield.

Firefighters found a gas-powered generator running inside the house, but have not officially determined a cause.

In Boston, two people died while sitting in idling cars, one just 11 years old. The child died Saturday afternoon waiting for his father to dig their car out of a snow bank.
Then in Mattapan, a man in his 20s was found dead inside an idling car on Woolson Street. A family member who tried to save the men in Springfield was taken to the hospital. She has non-life-threatening injuries and is expected to be OK.

In Mashpee, an elderly resident and a nurse called 911 after they said they smelled gas in the house. Crews on the scene detected high levels of carbon monoxide. Officials say the fumes came from a generator. Investigators say it was outside, but too close to the home.
If you are cleaning off your car or using a generator, officials want to make sure you are being safe.