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Camper crashes through fence, ends up in Brockton pool


BROCKTON (FOX 25 / – An RV crashed through a fence and splashed into the pool of a single-family home in Brockton.

A Brockton man was in his 28-foot camper Wednesday morning when he suffered a health problem while driving and put the camper in reverse. It happened on Quincy Street. The man then put the camper back in drive, went right through his driveway and into his neighbor's backyard.

IMAGES: Camper ends up in Brockton pool

Police say the man is about 60-years-old and lives at 188 North Quincy St. The neighbor's home is directly behind his house.

The camper went through a metal fence, as well as some bushes and logs that were stacked up. The man was trapped in the camper.

Neighbors Norman Little and Larry Lambert saved the man before first responders arrived.

The victim is recovering at the hospital. His injuries are not life-threatening.

Officials used a crane and a heavy dump truck to pull the camper out of the pool.  They experienced some difficulty because there was not enough room to maneuver the equipment.