• Cab driver says marathon bombers were protective of backpacks


    (MyFoxBoston.com) – The cab driver, who drove the Boston Marathon bombers into the city the day before the explosions, says the Tsarnaev brother were very protective of their heavy backpacks.

    Jim Duggan, of Malden, told FOX 25 he picked up Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev at Malden Central Station on Sunday. He says the two men were both carrying backpacks.

    The men asked Duggan to drive them to their Norfolk Street home in Cambridge, but abruptly told him to stop and let them out near Kendall Square.

    Duggan says he nearly drove away with the backpacks in the trunk. When he did pop the trunk, he says Tamerlan pushed him out of the way and would not let him touch the bags.

    Tamerlan was rude and appeared to be in a hurry, Duggan said.

    Duggan has since spoken with Homeland Security and the Malden Police Dept. He says the fare was $39 and the brothers stiffed him on the tip.  

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