• Survey: Majority of Americans workers prefer male boss


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A new poll suggests more American workers would prefer taking their orders from a man than a woman.

    According to Gallup's annual Work and Education Survey, 35-percent of those polled said they would prefer a male boss over a female boss. That can be compared with the 23-percent who said they'd prefer a female and the 10-percent who had no preference.

    Of those polled, 54-percent said they currently work for a man, while 30-percent said they work for a woman. The poll suggests those who are already working for a woman are as likely to prefer having a female boss as a male one.

    While the results were the highest for female bosses in the history of Gallup's survey, the polling company says it is essentially the same result as in several past surveys.

    To read more about the study: gallup.com

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