• Bullet goes through window, into child's room in Lowell


    LOWELL, Mass. (MyFoxBoston.com) – A close call for a mom in Lowell.

    The woman, who - citing safety concerns - wished to be identified as April,  said she was woken up Friday night by a loud noise.

    "Sounded like a gun shot to me, but I wasn't really sure it was. I was in a deep sleep," said April.

    April told FOX 25 a bullet was shot into her son's room in her second floor apartment at a housing complex on Adams Street.

    "It ricocheted off and it went to the top corner. It made a hole in the wall and it landed on his bed," said April.

    She said he looked outside and didn't see anything after the initial noise. She said she and her son went back to sleep, and didn't realize it was a bullet until the next day when the babysitter called her at work.

    "My son woke up and told her that his window was broken and he came out of his room with glass on him," said April.

    The woman called Lowell police, who confiscated the bullet, found in her son's bed.

    "It wasn't that far up from where my son's bed was. Had he been awake or going to the bathroom he would have been shot," said April.

    Police were investigating the shooting but haven't released any more information.

    April said she thought the shooting was an accident but hopes she can move to a different apartment complex with her children where they'll feel safer.

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