• Bull remains on the run in Ayer neighborhood after escaping


    AYER, Mass. - A bull that led police and cattle farmers on a multi-town chase remained on the loose Wednesday night.

    The 1,100-pound animal escaped its new owner after being bought at a Littleton auction late Tuesday night.

    “I was loading the animal,” said Terry Den Besten, owner of Den Besten Farms in Raynham. “I didn’t get the door closed fast enough. He came back off the back of the trailer. There was about a six-foot fence. He just cleared it and was gone.”

    The bull journeyed through Groton before making it into a residential area of Ayer, where police issued a Code Red alert to neighbors, urging them to stay away from the animal because provoking it could cause aggression, they said.

    “Originally, I was like, ‘Oh, if he comes here, I’ll try to coax him with food and water and see if I can get him to stay put for them to come,’” said neighbor Michele Clements, who captured video of the bull strolling through her backyard. “And then when I saw how big he was, I was like, no, I don’t think so.”

    Neighbors excitedly watched the action from their yards as multiple agencies came within feet of the animal but could not corral it. By early evening, the would-be captors left with empty trailers, suspending the search until Thursday morning.

    “We’re going to let the bull stay in the woods for the night and let him relax,” said Den Besten, exhausted himself. “Maybe tomorrow. I’m going to bring temporary fencing. We can get him fenced in. We’ll catch him, and we’ll just bring him home.”


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