• Bulger remains silent, keeps head down during sentencing hearing


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) -- A prosecutor called James "Whitey" Bulger a "little sociopath" Wednesday as he urged a judge to sentence the infamous South Boston gangster to life in prison, but Bulger himself declined to speak.

    Court was adjourned at about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday after children, spouses, and siblings of James "Whitey" Bulger's victims described the path of destruction left by the mob boss and his associates.

    Some family members of Bulger's victims expressed their frustration as the mob boss refused to look at them while they spoke, only occasionally glancing up from his notebook.

    The day began with the children of victims Paul McGonagle, Al Notarangeli, William O'Brien.

    Sean McGonagle, whose father's remains were found buried at Tenean Beach in Boston in 2000, called Bulger "Satan," a "domestic terrorist" and an "irrelevant old man."

    Patricia Donahue, whose husband Michael was fatally shot while driving a man named Brian Halloran home, described her husband as a man who was always smiling, even when he woke up in the morning.

    "He was the soul of our family," said Donahue. "On May 11, 1982, a stranger would cross our paths, and life would change forever."

    Donahue said Bulger killed her husband while corrupt FBI agents stood by and watched. Bulger's former associate, John Martorano, claimed Halloran, who also died in the shooting, was targeted because he was talking about the murder of Oklahoma businessman Roger Wheeler.

    Steven Davis was overcome with emotion while speaking as he begged Bulger to look at him. He told Bulger he has filled his heart with hate. A jury returned a "no finding" verdict in Bulger's alleged connection to the murder of Steve's sister, Debra.

    Judge Denise Casper allowed Davis and other family members whose cases were not proven to speak at sentencing.

    Prosecutors called Bulger a "disgrace to the Irish" and a "sociopath" prior to impact statements.

    Brian Kelly said the fact that the 84-year-old "wants to pretend" he wants to expose corruption is a joke, calling him the source of the corruption.

    Bulger's attorneys said Bulger still feels the trial is a "sham," something he said during the trial when refusing to testify.

    The South Boston mob boss waived his right to object to the two consecutive life sentences, plus five years recommended by the government.

    "From his perspective he did not recieve a fair trial because was not able to put forward everything he could have told about the corruption and the immunity agreement with the federal prosecutor," said attorney J.W. Carney. "He did not want to validate the trial by participating directly or indirectly through us in the sentencing process."

    Judge Denise Casper acknowledged that the guidelines call for the sentence requested by the government.

    "Bulger is one of the most violent and despicable criminals in Boston history. Having now been convicted of 31 felonies ... Bulger richly deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail," prosecutors wrote in a sentencing memo.

    Among other issues Judge Casper will take up is restitution for the families of 19 people killed by the Winter Hill Gang, though Bulger was only proved to have been involved with 11 of the killings.

    During his two-month trial, prosecutors portrayed Bulger as a ruthless, hands-on crime boss who planned or ordered some of the murders and committed others himself. Bulger's lawyers strongly denied a claim by prosecutors and Bulger's former partner that he was a longtime FBI informant who ratted on the Italian Mafia and other crime groups.

    Bulger did not testify during his trial. In response to questions from the judge, he called the trial a "sham" and said he decided not to testify because the judge had prohibited him from presenting a defense using his claim that he had received immunity for his crimes decades ago from a now-deceased federal prosecutor.

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