• Bulger juror says some victims’ families shouldn’t speak at sentencing


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – A juror in the trial of James "Whitey" Bulger says it would be a "slap in the face" if a judge allows family members of those that were not proved to have been killed by Bulger to speak at his sentencing this week.

    Janet Uhlar, also known as Juror 12, said she and her fellow jurors spent months carefully listening to testimony and deliberating to ensure a fair trial.

    "I understand where they're coming from but the problem is we had a verdict. The jury came in with a legal verdict and to ignore that verdict now is a violation of the jury system and a threat to our judicial system as it stands."

    Uhlar said she felt the prosecution didn't do a very good job in proving their case against Bulger in many of the murder cases, forcing the jury to deliver "not proven" verdicts for those victims. Prosecutors were asking Judge Denise Casper to allow eight of the "not proven" families to deliver victim impact statements at Bulger's sentencing.

    Juror 12 says allowing the families to testify would set a dangerous precedent in questioning a jury's verdict. Uhlar is a historical author and said it's all about protecting the principles the United States was founded on, including the right to a fair trial.

    Uhlar said that despite the fact that Bulger will most certainly die in prison, protecting those principles is of utmost importance.

    "It is the judicial system we're founded on and to violate that is setting something in motion that will destroy us eventually," said Uhlar.

    Steve Davis, the brother of Debra Davis who Bulger was not proved to have killed, has reportedly written a victim impact statement. He said he needs the opportunity to find the closure the jury didn't give him. He still considers his sister one of Bulger's victims, because Bulger was part of the criminal enterprise that planned and carried out the 19 total killings.

    "I think Davis is very wrong and you know if it were true what he was saying why did the jury have to listen to every single murder and make a guilty or not guilty decision on it?" Uhlar asks.

    Uhlar said she has been corresponding with Bulger himself and says the gangster may not speak at his sentencing. She said he's concerned with opening more wounds for the Davis family and others.

    "He feels like the families are being violated again and again and again," said Uhlar.

    She said she plans to be at the sentencing Wednesday and Thursday along with a few other jurors. Uhlar said she doesn't have a problem with the Davis family speaking outside of court but allowing them to speak in court would child away at her faith in the U.S. Government.

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