• Bulger juror details fights, door slamming in post-trial interview


    BOSTON (MyFoxBoston.com) – A juror in the James "Whitey" Bulger case says deliberations were so intense that fights broke out, people slammed doors and some jurors wanted out of their duties.

    Scott Hotyckey said there was a lot of controversy during the nearly 33-hour deliberations.

    "People were turning red. I saw people leaning over looking like they were sick," said Hotyckey, a laid-off biotech worker. "They were taking bottles of Advil and aspirin."

    Hotyckey said that he didn't know much about Bulger before the trial, but after weeks of testimony became convinced he was guilty. He said not all jurors felt the same way.

    "It definitely seemed there were some jurors that could have settled this the first day," said Hotyckey. "But there were very cautious people."

    "People would read the charge…the same charge for the same crime over and over and over again. Then read that pamphlet and then the indictment form," said Hotyckey.

    He also said that some jurors believed certain witnesses could not be trusted.

    "Everything Martorano said is a lie; you can't believe anything he said. You can't believe what Kevin Weeks said."

    Hotyckey said that while he believes Bulger was guilty on all counts he was happy with the verdict.

    "I made my decision and I'm not gonna feel guilty about it," said Hotyckey. "I think he was convicted of enough things."

    Hotyckey said that even though there were some tense moments, he considers the fellow jurors his friends. He said every juror, save for one, went out to dinner after the verdict.

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